Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New X-O

I'm jacked for the New X-O book and love the new design. So here is my take on the man in the can! I'd love to do some work on him...hint hint... ;)


It's like retro week here in the studio! With DC announcing their new He-man mini-series it got me pumped to do my take on him. I did a cover for the Masters of the Universe book put out by the great Val Staples but that was almost a decade ago and it was time for a new one!

Thunder Cats HO!!!

I loved this cartoon as a kid! I'm not a big fan of the new show mainly because I just love the original designs from what I grew up with. So with some of the down time I have I thought I'd work up a shot of my favorite...Lion-O!!!


Had some time and wanted to work up a shot of the X-men. I had a blast drawing X-men Forever but that was a different version of the team then this one. I started this a few months back and finally had time to finish it last week.